I really believe that girls can do more in Information Technology.  Girls are leaders, girls analyze, girls calculate, girls are intelligent and definitely girls can do IT better.  Who says girls can’t do IT?  Even though I’m a marketing and business professional mostly in hospitality, I noticed that I don’t need to get focused in that business field, why should I?  I’m intelligent, ambitious, set goals and make things happen.

Through my path, I discovered cyber security and at that moment, I thought that field was extremely difficult to understand and also believed I was never going to be able to learn it and to be part of the cyber security industry “geeks”.  But finally, last year I decided to start my cyber security path.  I got my first Info-sec certification through SANS Institute, leader in Information Security training and I recognized that so far, it has been the most satisfying and rewarding decision I’ve made after my Master’s degree.  Let’s say, up to that moment I was a fan of cyber security, I was an enthusiast, I was a follower; I even recognize I’m not a cyber security geek (at least not yet) but now, I want to be an agent of change.

I want to help make the difference in this enigmatic field and I will continue pursing more certifications or a Cyber Security Master’s degree, who knows…GIRLS CAN DO IT BETTER, who says we can’t do IT?